All services below include:

  • A Ecological scatter urn,

      with cremated remains bagged

      inside with pet’s paw tag and

      stainless steel cremation

     ID number.

  • The exterior is labeled with

       pet’s name and date of death.

  • Pet owners also receive a

      certificate of cremation signed

by the cremationist, and a final invoice indicating date and time of cremation.

INDIVIDUAL: When the owner wishes to have the cremains of their pet returned, either to keep, scatter or bury. In each case your pets journey through the process is documented, recorded, verified, and the remains you receive are guaranteed those of your companion pet.

An individual pet is kept separate from those of other pets in the cremation chamber with the use of moveable dividers. The cremated remains of your pet are guaranteed with a minimum of commingled cremated remains. Our cremator can easily handle 3 medium pets at a time including the separation devices.

This is not only economical but an environmentally sound practice due to the enormous amount of natural gas and electrical energy required to complete the process.

The weight and amount of cremated remains will vary depending on the pet's overall body structure. Urn selection standards dictate 1 cubic inch of cremated remains per pound of pet remains.

You may choose to view your pet prior to cremation, and you may be present while your pet is cremated, for an additional fee.

PRIVATE: For pet owners who wish to have their pet cremated privately, meaning the only pet in the cremation chamber during the process. An additional $50.00 will be added to cost of cremation.

COSTS: (Effective November 1, 2011)
Separate cremation, ashes returned and certified:


Small (1-15 lbs) $130.00

Medium (16-50 lbs) $180.00

Large (51-100 lbs) $230.00

X-Large (101-200 lbs) $255.00

There is a $50.00 fee for PRIVATE cremation service, in addition to the fees for Individual cremation. This covers the additional utilities costs associated with this level of service.

FARM ANIMAL FEE:  an additional $25.00, This fee applies to the following farm animals; Goats, Pigs, Alpacas and for any other medium to large size farm animal. We do not do cremations for Horses.  Contact us for more information.

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