For pet owners who do not want the cremated remains returned, but still want final care and dignity for their animal, communal cremation is available for a fraction of the cost.

Your companion pet is cremated in a dignified manner with other pets at the same time. The cremated remains are not returned. The ashes are spread in a natural setting. The pet owner receives a certificate of communal cremation. This is an economical and dignified solution for the final care of your companion pet.


Communal cremation, no ashes returned:

$1.25/pound    $45.00 minimum

FARM ANIMAL FEE:  an additional $25.00, This fee applies to the following farm animals; Goats, Pigs, Alpacas and for any other medium to large size farm animal. We do not do cremations for Horses.  Contact us for more information.

Communal Cremation

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